Thaddeus The Dark Herald

Mage 20


Age: 52
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Outsider
AL: CN (E)


A servant of the now dead Archlich, Thaddeus is from a different reality. He was the favored servant of Vecna from the reality where the Archlich destroyed most of the gods and came within a hair of ascending to overgod of the multiverse.

The only creature of evil to escape the Archlich wars alive, Thaddeus has hidden for 30 years. Twisted beyond belief he hates his former master and all life. He hates everything in all the worlds. He has found a way to maintain himself despite his reality being destroyed. He does not seek to revive his former master. He does not seek to help Asmodeus or any of the players in this game. He does not seek to awaken the Mad god.

His motives are unknown, except for the fact that they are too vile and twisted for anyone to understand. He has never known love or friendship, only abuse and suffering. He hates the gods and everything they have made.

More insane than evil and with a pathological hatred of Gnomes…Thaddeus could be an ally if anyone ever tried to bring back his former master, but is far to insane or evil to be trusted.

The Dark Herald of a now dead god, Thaddeus has intentions and plans that are unknown…but he is, by far the most powerful mortal paying direct attention to the situation; and he has been for decades…without the knowledge of Asmodeus or Incabulos he has figured out their plans and intentions. And laid the groundwork for his own agenda with in the plans of the lord of all devils himself.

Thaddeus The Dark Herald

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