Tulla Poofenplotz

Cleric of Garl Glittergold (Gnome)


Hair: Pink
Eyes: bright green
Height: 3’7"
Weight: 42 lbs
Skin: ruddy
Age: 47


Gnomes tell of the cautionary tale of Pip, one of the heroes of the key. The gnome who had the choice to be a hero or to fail and chose to follow her own way when given chances at redemption. In the end the Heroes succeeded in spite of and not because of her. And the gnomes have always been uncomfortable at her compassion for the Mad God. Garl told her, she could be an epic or a tale to frighten children. She has become a child’s tale of what not to do. All gnomes are made when Garl takes a gem and tells it a joke that was crafted especially for them. It is growing that Pip does not even get mentioned by name…she is called “The Joke that Failed” or “The Lacking Laugh” or “Garl’s Sorrow”

Tulla grew up hearing the tale of Pip and it was her favorite story. She decided she would succeed where Pip had failed. She never really grew out of wanting to be the “heroine that does it right this time.” So she trained herself up in magic, dabbled in alchemy and potion-making, the whole nine yards. She was very good at it! Very smart! The pinnacle of mage-dom, the mage-gnome (magnomee) that mends the broken reputations of mage gnomes everywhere.

Now for Taran, Tulla’s twin, the cautionary tale of Pip was also her favorite! In fact, her and Tulla would pretend to play it out all the time, with Taran happily obliging to be the villainous Mad God while Tulla would be the downtrodden-but-willing-to-fix-herself Pip who defeated the bad guy and saved the village (they had to edit the ending just a smidge, they’re kids and they do what they want). As you can imagine, the first time their parents caught them playing this dangerous game, they received a sound scolding and were instructed never to play it again. So they continued playing it of course, but this time in secret! They became quite good at concocting lies and alternate scenarios to prove they were playing some other game in the rare occasions they got caught.

Taran was very supportive of Tulla’s ideals, and was more than willing to help her any way she could. Initially, she wanted to be a mage too, but found she was rather lacking in magical aptitude. Which is to say, she wasn’t good at it. Oddly so, considering her aptitude for illusions. Undeterred, she figured that she was simply going about helping in the wrong way. So she disappeared one day, leaving only a letter saying not to worry about her and that when she returned, Tulla would surely tell her she was the most helpful twin sister in all of existence. Tulla searched for her, but unfortunately Taran had a knack for leaving no trace, and eventually she had to give up. She was sure her sister was fine. The letter said so! And it was important for siblings to trust each other.

What the letter did not explain was that it Taran’s intention was to become Tulla’s adversary. You can’t be a hero without a villain to defeat. And, well, you don’t just pretend to be the Mad God for years and years without it making you a little… strange. Lacking the means to find a way to begin worshiping the Mad God proper, Taran went for the next best thing- Urdlen. Her descent into madness was quite the willing one, and whatever she couldn’t accomplish with actual clerical spells she made up for with masterful illusions and cut-throat tactics that startled even the most vile of heretics in the cult.

Taren began to terrorize the Gnome School of Technology and Magic in the Stark Mounds. Things grow worse and worse around Tulla and culminate in the death of her close friend who was also her closest rival. Taren reveals she is behind it all because Tulla needs a nemesis…needs a mad god.

Tulla is predictably horrified, doubly so upon discovering that among all her vastly intelligent colleagues, no one can think of a way to save Taran that doesn’t involve killing her for the greater good. Distraught and suddenly on a deadline to save her sister before someone else kills her first, Tulla abandons her studies and throws herself into meditation and prayer at the Church of Garl, refusing to leave until she’s answered. The end result I want is her mage levels being exchanged for equal levels of cleric. “You can’t be the gnomes’ hero, but you can still be your sister’s hero.”

She hates all things Urdlen and is still figuring out how to use clerical magic as opposed to arcane magic.

Tulla Poofenplotz

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