Aislin (ASH-lin) is the ancient Flan goddess of dreams, hope and protection. To a lesser degree also prophecy, magic and art. She is all but forgotten; and for good reason. She and her brother Incabulos (the god of nightmare) fought the Mad God after his defeat of Nerull as Pelor rallied the other gods. In the battle the mad god imprisoned Aislin somewhere and she has never been heard from since. Or at least that is the mostly unknown myth.

So where is Aislin, the goddess of dreams? Known only to the oldest gods and the most ancient lore, Aislin exists in the most unlikely place..within her twin brother Incabulos.

As the mad god was bound he managed to enliven parts of himself, one of them was grabbed by Incabulos, in an effort to contain it, but he was quickly overcome by it. Aislin entered her brother and had held the worst of the fragment in check for time uncounted. But she weakens and her brother falls further and further under the sway of the mad god. If a way of containing the fragment could be found, she could be freed, along with her brother.

In dire times she had manifested in people, dreams and protected them. But it is rare indeed that she spares the energy and leaves her battle within her brother.

Aislin is slowly dying and will not last another generation unless something is done.

Title(s): The Devoted Sister, The Forgotten Goddess, The Nighttime Guardian, The Dream Keeper
Home plane: Blessed Fields of Elysium
Power level: Intermediate
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Protection of Dreams, Dreams and Visions, Hope, Mystical Knowledge
Domains: Dreams, Protection, Oracle, Healing
Superior: none



Aislin manifests as a Flan woman with the marks of all the birth horoscopes. She wears traditional Flan dress and is friendly with the Elven powers, foremost the Moonbow. She is the daughter of Nerull and Beory and the twin sister of Incabulos.


In Elysium sits the palace of dreams. It is a place of wonder and awe, holding the hopes of children and adults alike. It is said everyone, no matter how good or evil has a room in the palace. And all dreams and nightmares are welcome. Although nightmares are, more properly, the province of her twin brother Incabulos; Aislin has some control of sending them as prophesy or healing and can protect from them as needed. So in the palace can be seen all manner of strange and wonderful beasts of both nightmare and dream. The castle has sat, mostly abandoned, since the dawn times. Some say it is sentient or a part of Aislin, and can run itself. But those who have seen it recently say it is showing the signs of age. If the goddess were able to rest and cease her battle against the part of the mad god in her brother…perhaps it the realm itself would be healed.


Little is known of the dogma of the goddess of dreams. She took measures to see her duties were carried out as she tries to save her brother, but it is fading over time. From them however, these ancient rules that still bind dreams, we can see some beliefs manifest.

Everyone has a right to dream and rest
Everyone has a right to hope
People should be protected from interference in their dreams


All of the Scriptures of Aislin are lost and near mythic. She was active in the dawn times and little more than a rumor since. There has, however been some involvement by her in mortal affairs and it has resulted in two significant works.

The Sleeping Sage
This book was written by one of the few known clerics of Aislin in the early days of the Flan. There are rumored to be copies on the outer planes and powerful libraries of magic. Aislin felt some of her teachings should be known so she used the dreams of a wise sage to tell him what she desired for the world. There are hints in it that the Suel goddess Lydia has helped fill in for Aislin at the request of Pelor. No one knows the exact content of the book but there are rumored copies of it in two dragon hoards and lost in the Library of Greyhawk.

The Nursery Rhymes of the Dreaming Lady
Handed down initially orally and gathered only once into four exact copies, it is said there are two copies of this work left. One in the ancient city of Sennarae and the other was in the library of Vecna. Some of the rhymes contained in it are known and have been passed down as childhood amusements. But the vast majority are lessons and secrets that made their way into the play of the first Flan children at a time when Aislin was more active. The most complete copy of collected rhymes that are also in the 5 volumes of the work on Flan Stories for Children by Professor Dawnshroud. Some also appear in his Songs From a Voiceless Time: Flan Ballads of the Pres-Migration Period. But neither work is comprehensive compared to the actual lost tome.


Not many to speak of because she is unknown by almost all people. In a way all those who follow their dreams and believe anything is possible are her worshipers, but not formally.


She has no clergy anyone knows of.


None. Only one ancient temple exists…the site where she entered her brother to help him. It lies in the west of Geoff, long forgotten and hidden.

Artifacts and associated magic items

The Rainbow Moonstone

A royal stone of Geoff that belonged to one of the first princesses. It appears randomly and rarely but when it does it is supposed to be in the world. The moonstone has the power to enter and protect dreams, and many other unknown powers.

The Infinite Toybox

A magical toybox that can produce any toy imaginable. Its true power lies in the ability to find the perfect toy for each person, a toy that will recapture the best moments of childhood and fuel their dreams and hopes. Sometimes rare magical items appear from the box. It was lost in the invasion of Geoff.

The First Toy

No one knows what it is, but at some point there was a first toy in the world. No one knows if it was given to the first human or a young godling. But Aislin had a hand in the making of it and primal magic still resides within.

Myths and Legends

The Assigning of Dreams and Nightmares

Aislin and The First Princess of Geoff

Aislin and the Dragons

The Agreement of Aislin and Sehanine

Aislin and the Defeat of the Mad God

The First Toy


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