Baklunish Families

Select Members of the Royal Family of Zeif

Sultan Fouad Al’ Razi
(Fighter 10/ Cleric 15)

The Sultan of all Baklune lives life to the fullest. Father to 51, he believes family is the center of all life. As such he strives to get everyone married and in love. His first and most beloved wife was one of his adventuring partners long ago and his greatest love. She died years ago and although he does not love those children more, they are the heirs.

The other children do not mind. After all, they are princes and princesses and there are so many of them, the intrigue of royal succession is meaningless. Their father has said if any child sheds the blood of a sibling there will be such retribution that they would think he had let lose a drunken monkey in their brains.

Also the head of the Church of Al’ Akbar, he is technically Caliph but has kept the title of Sultan. His son who is to follow him, Banyamin, is truly pure and good. And it is his father’s wish that he be the first Caliph in a thousand years.

Although sad that his son Kareem does not have children, he is pleased that he has dozens at the orphanage. The Sultan sends money and gifts constantly and feels that of all his children, perhaps in giving families to those without them, Kareem the deceptively direct (as he calls him), understands him more than any of his children.

Prince Kareem Al’ Razi
(Merchant Rogue 10/Fighter 4)


Husband of Princess Jenna Everdawn of Geoff, he has the combination of being polite to a fault but sarcastic and able to swear at someone and leave them wondering if they should thank him.

His skills at diplomacy and etiquette are legendary in his family and beyond. He is the 31st oldest child of the Sultan of all Bakluni, Fouad Al’Razi.

He is one of the princes of Zeif and simply lives to see interesting things. Loyal to his wife, he puts the information network of Zeif at her disposal. He is trained as a merchant and fighter and is an expert tailor.

He often helps the king with all trade with the west and negotiates those going east with the family of Gavin, a hero of the key.

He loves being a tour guide for those in either Baklunish Lands or Geoff. Always ready with a tale and exploit, he tells it like it is and his embellishments are honest to a fault.

He knows almost every Baklunish myth from his childhood and enjoys telling them at events.

He always has commentary on those in the tales that others have never considered. Such as the little Gen who tricked the children is rarely referred to as a elemental demon whose graceful deceit has bought it a special place in hell. But most agree with his assessments.

He and his wife have no children of their own but run an orphanage funded by the Princess. His main office is located there rather than at the palace. And when he is in Geoff, he can be found there if someone waits long enough. Assisting them at the Orphanage is a tasked Genie, Aali, who has been with his family for years. He gave the genie his freedom years ago but Aali chose to say for another generation, until the children grow up. When Kareem pointed out that the children in an orphanage never grow up because there are always more…Aali simply responded that was interesting but they had a camping trip with the children tonight and he had to get marshmallows. Aali guards the orphanage at all time when there are children there.

Banyamin Al’ Razi
(Cleric of Al’Akbar 16)

The soul of honor, Banyamin is the next in line to be Sultan. He will actually be named Caliph of all Baklune, the first in 1000 years. This weighs heavily on his heart. He knows what the last one allowed to happen and has no idea, in his humility, if he can erase the sin of the Rain of Colorless fire.

He has been told heroes are coming to cleanse the Temple of Shame. He believes if he can assist them in any way, then perhaps this will be the start of a new world where the horrors of the past are cleansed. He believes the thirty year peace is either the doorway to a new age or a rest before unimaginable horrors.

He welcomes the visits of all his brothers, but dotes on Kareem most. That he lives in a foreign land and is not at daily meals is something that saddens him. But knowing the good he has done and the joy he brings to others, he could hardly justify keeping him home. Many of the family travel far and wide. And Banyamin did in his youth but now, it is time to prepare for the future, whatever it may bring.

He is a man of honor and generosity and seeks the will of Al’ Akbar in all things. Should Istus decree he will rule over a land in turmoil because of cosmic horrors, so be it. But he has not given up hope in the will of heroes.

Fadia Al’ Razi
(10 Paladin of Al’Akbar)

Sister to Kareem, Fadia is head of the Family Guard. The Royal Guard for the children of the Sultan. She defends her siblings, and always has. Although the 28th oldest child she takes care of them all.

She is proud that no evil has come from her family even with 50 siblings. She would die at her father’s command, and if anyone can be said to follow the ways of Al’Akbar more than her brother Banyamin, it is Fadia.

She knows her brother will not only be Sultan but Caliph…leader of the people both in affairs of State and Faith. And there is no one better suited, even if he has his own doubts.

A man who would not doubt but desire it would not be the man for the position. Al’ Akbar chooses wisely out of the game of Istus. And he has chosen wisely indeed as far as Fadia is concerned.

A time of even greater faith is coming to the world. And Fadia is sure her brother will nurture his people as it comes. Like all ages it is born with strife, but unlike others the rewards are beyond compare.

Gamal Al’Razi
(Expert Nobel 17 Event Planner)

Someone must organize gatherings of 51 children, their spouses, 210 grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren. As well as hundreds of dignitaries. Someone must know all the likes, dislikes, who hates who, who is allergic to what, what days people must be honored, what days are best forgotten, what days are happy and what days are memorials.

Even in the Sultan’s family, who age slightly slower, it is a job that can take a toll. But it barely shows on Gamal Al’ Razi, the 47th oldest is so young, only 24, but she remembers everything she sees and has a manner that puts all at ease.

She can sooth egos while standing up to idiocy with relentless fury. Her father loves her deeply, believes she may be the most beautiful of his daughters, and is looking actively for a spouse worthy of her brilliance and skills.

For her part Gamal revels in making people happy and a job well done. She sometimes wonders why people think her job is hard. She finds it hectic but amazingly easy. She appreciates the accolades but thinks sometimes people are just being silly.

Hadiya Al’ Razi
(Ranger 14)

She is the master of the Calvary of both land and air, Hadiya loves horses and all mounts and has always had a nearly empathic bond with them, even for a Baklune it was noticeable.

From a young age she stood out as special, even in a people who were known for skill with horses, as someone who could perform nearly supernatural feats where animals were concerned.

She can communicate with any animal used as a mount with frightening efficiency. And at times her forces joke that she does not command them as much as their steeds. And this is not far from the truth.

Her own steed, Haidar, is a magical beast, it can switch between the form of a fine horse, a Lion and a giant parrot at will. As smart as Hadiya, Haidar is more a co-general than at mount.

Imran Al’ Razi
(Wizard 16)

The minister of Magic, Imran is a Genie binder and negotiator. A master of the elemental planes and negotiating with outsiders, Imran is surprisingly good natured. He is the most like his father when it comes to jokes and joy. He loves acting stern and looking like an imposing figure. He find it so funny when people later get to know him and laugh at their first thoughts.

His love, besides his wife, 11 children and family, is magical architecture. He has studied traps and puzzles, planes and gods…and in all of them he has found such beautiful riddles.

Imran is always thinking. Always wondering. And, when he does not watch himself he just starts singing and sometimes dancing. The joy of life overflows in Imran to the point where it spills on other people.

If not for him the family seating Alchemy, as Gamal calls it, would never work out. He is the lynch-pin of all gatherings since anyone can sit next to him and his manner can infect even the most dour in a room.

He looks so serious and powerful, and powerful he is, but the challenge of a lifetime is upon him. The first three of his daughters are now of marriageable age.

Baklunish Families

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