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Campaign specific content was generated by Davidnic, our intrepid GM. Most of the custom CSS coding was done by Sarahallis. Feel free to message her if you’re interested in any code used on the site.

Much of the content regarding various parts of the world of Greyhawk was lifted from wiki-sources, including Wikipedia and’s Greyhawk wiki.

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The lovely background and corresponding code for the Adventure Log posts also came from Sanctions of the Athar. Also, many thanks to the folks in the Obsidian Portal forums for posting their css code.

The site’s background is a cropped piece taken from WoTC’s 3rd edition Living Greyhawk map. The colors were slightly adjusted to fit the site’s color scheme. The awesome transparent background Obsidian Portal logo was borrowed from Chainsaw XIV. The code to embed Grooveshark songs was found in this forum thread.

Some artwork was found at Arcane Marks: the Gallery, drawn by Talon Dunning.

Thanks to everyone!


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