Dalt is the Suel god of Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, and Keys. His holy symbol is a locked door with a skeleton key beneath it.

Dalt Dwells in the Fortress of Doors.

Dalt is depicted as either a white-haired old man with piercing eyes or as a young red-haired thief.

Dalt is the brother of Vatun, the Suel god of Winter and Cold. Due to his brother’s imprisonment, Dalt is not on good terms with Telchur. He is on good terms with Mordenkainen, to whom Dalt sometimes lends his favored relic, The Silver Key of Portals.

Dalt is a lesser deity, almost forgotten on the world of Oerth but slowly gaining more followers. He is primarily worshipped by the Suloise people in the southeastern Flanaess.

In 605 CY Dalt was killed by Vecna so the walls between the worlds would be weakened and he would temporarily have the power to open his prison on the demiplane of dread. This action however resulted in the weakening of the walls of the prison of the Mad God Tharizdun.

A group of heroes known as the Heroes of the Key retrieved the parts of Dalts godform and helped to raise him from the dead, restoring the proper barriers between worlds.


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