Gorna Market: Beer, Wine and Spirits

Gorna Market: Beer, Wine and Spirits

Hatingryn Family Wines
Elieen Hatingryn (Expert 7)
This is a fine silken tent with a small stone wine safe protected by magic for storage. This is the oldest wine family in the bazaar, supplying most of the table wines for the local inns and homes.

Wines of the Flaness
Arthur Green (Expert 6/Druid 7)
Another fine tent with a magically secure stone storage safe. This is a importer of wines from various nearby regions.

Griffin Vinyard Wines
Steven Hart (Expert 5/ Fighter 5)
A hardwood cabin with a stone and iron safe bonded with powerful magic. The largest wine seller, this family has be making and selling wine for two-hundred years. They are primarily noted for their magnums, giant glass bottles that hold 8½ pints of wine each.

Arvendor’s Bounty
Allenestran Springthought (Expert 14)
He specializes in Elven wines and brews. The prices are worth it for anyone willing to pay for one of a kind items. He also makes a small assortment of pastries, breads and Elven foodstuffs.

Below Ground Brews
Sirant Vilraszen (Cleric 5/Expert 6)
A drow cleric of Corelleon, he runs a winery devoted to the special wines of the underdark. Although initially met with reservation he has become a trusted and popular merchant.

Miles From Home: Elmshire Ciders, Brews and Delicacies
Hartigan Long Shadow (Cleric of Yondalla 14)
Hartigan is an excited and exuberant halfling who is long from home in time and distance. He makes halfling specialties in drink and food as well as crafts and tobacco. Always ready with a stroy and help to any in need, Hartigan is perhaps the most beloved merchant in Geoff by both patrons and his peers.

Don’t Blame Us Later Brewers
Findar Darksteel (Fighter 4/Expert 11)
This Dwarf and his apprentices make the strongest liquors and beers in Geoff and possibly the Flaness. They are also some of the finest and most delicately artistic brews, if you can get that far while tasting them. He does make brews normal people can drink but maintains that only the strongest can convey multiple flavors and experiences.

The Grand Wassail
Winnafred Glosser (Bard 4/Expert 6)
Winnafred is young for a merchant at only 25, but she runs the family buisness and the largest most diverse beer, wine and spirit shop in the market. Her area is always filled with music and mementos of her adventuring days. She knows more about the history of spirits and brews than nearly anyone. Although not as technically skilled as some brewers, she has many skilled employees and she knows stories of mythical brews that make even some dwarves pay attention.

Dreams from Over the Ocean: Isle of Pearls Specialty Spirits
Katso (Samurai 12/ Expert 8)
Katso loves travel and trade. He came to Geoff to help in the liberation and the archlich wars and stayed. He loves teaching people new things and introducing them to new experiences.

Gorna Market: Beer, Wine and Spirits

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