Gorna Market: Meats

Gorna Market: Meats

Dead Tasty Things
Grandlaon Kickface (Expert 12/Fighter 6)
This half-orc runs the best meat shop…he has even perfected what will eventually be lunchmeat, smoking and blending meat in a preserved form. He can make even vile animals tasty. All prejudice is set aside by the hungry, his food is that good.

Sindars Butchers
Sindar Varlek (Fighter 10/ Expert 7)

Gourmet Meats and Cheeses
Drishallian Copperfall (Gnome Expert Cheese Maker 17)
Dish will proudly scream that he is the cheesemaker of Oerth, as if he possesses some title in the multiverse. He is also an excellent butcher and his shop is filled with insane inventions all geared to getting the best cut or meet or blend for cheese.

Amedio Meats
Elseworth Gremmin (Hunter 7/Expert 6)
Serves exoitc Jungle meats. Elseworth is an avid opponent of anything that involves the Scarlet Brotherhood and uses his importers to inform the Spy network of Geoff.

Nyr Dyv Fish
Nathaniel Evans (Ranger 3/Expert 5)
Nathaniel is a ranger from near Greyhawk who has connections with merchants in that area. Somewhat of a misnomer, Nyr Dyv Fish has freshwater fish from all over the Flaness.

Procran’s Blessings
Filbert Grouss (Cleric of Pricran 10/Expert 4)
Filbert is an old sailor and cleric who imports the freshest saltwater fish from all over Oerth. Some think he may indeed have a special blessing since some of his fish are fresh and from over 1000 miles away.

Gorna Market: Meats

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