Greyhawk Literature

Greyhawk Literature

The following are books, poems, plays, and musicical compositions that exist in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting. Book titles in orange have been discovered by the party.



  • Acererak’s Libram by Acererak (DR#225.53-54; DR#241.75; RttToH.140)
  • Alterations of Tangibles and Intangibles by Yagrax (DR#82.58)
  • Alterations of the Intrinsic Absolutes by Math (DR#82.58)
  • Annals of the Family Vordav (Wars.25)
  • Arcane Manipulations of the Entourage by Otto (DR#82.58)
  • Arcane Puissance of the Memory by Rary (DR#82.58)
  • Arcane Resistance of Dwarves and Halflings by Serten (DR#82.58)
  • Architecture by Leomund and Mordenkainen (DR#82.58)
  • The Art of Coarse Angling (UK2.22)
  • Astrology, Divinity, and Mankind by Yestro Bilnigd


  • The Beasts of Humanity by Balar (WGA4.20, 21)
  • The Blood Codex by Ferranifer (RttToH.53, 155)
  • The Book of Darazell by Darazell (DR#243.89, 92-93)
  • The Book of Dead Smiles (RttKotB.56)
  • The Book of Flesh and Mirrors. (EttDP.176).
  • The Book of Hours (Ivid.8, 29, 38)
  • The Book of Hours by Anonymous (DR#253.42-43)
  • The Book of Inverted Darkness (VR.27, 31, 32, 46, 50, 54, 64)
  • The Book of Keeping (DR#342)
  • The Book of Kings (DR#272.54)
  • The Book of Pain (WGA4.19)
  • The Book of Stone (WGA4.21, 22, 24)
  • The Book of Vile Darkness
  • The Books of the Brethren (21 volumes) (DR#272.55)
  • The Book of the Dark Eye (RttToEE.29, 77, 144, 147)
  • The Book of the Fifth Shadow (DR#295.92)
  • The Bricks of the Spiritual Fortification by Webster (DR#82.58)


  • Cartography in the Flanaess (WGA2.12)
  • A Catalogue of the Land Flanaess, being the Eastern Portion of the Continent Oerik, of Oerth (seven volumes) by the Savant-Sage (WoG:Gloss.2)
  • A Guide to the World of Greyhawk (Volume III) (WoG:Gloss.2)
  • A Glossography for the Guide to the World of Greyhawk by Pluffet Smedger, the Elder (WoG:Gloss.1, 2)
  • Cenozoic Glacial Geology (UK2.22)
  • The Chronicle of Chan (DNG#124)
  • The Chronicle of Secret Times by Uhas of Neheli (GA.96; WGA43, 18, 20, 22; LGG.64, 162; LGJ#4.12, 14, 16; VHotR.inside front cover)
  • A Chronicle of the Flan People by Rexidos (WGR3; 1)
  • The Clanbooks of the Doomgrinder Derro (3 volumes) (DG.48)
  • Clouds and Fog by Dahlver-Nar (DR#82.58)
  • Codex of Dead Names by Elluvia Maure (Dungeon|DNG#124.78)
  • The Codex of Mordenkainen by Mordenkainen (Wars.27; LGJ#0.4, 5, 9)
  • The Codex of Silence (DR#249.42, 43)
  • The Codex of the Infinite Planes (EW.43; DMG1E.124, 156-157; (DR#292.96; DR#294.90; DR#299.101; LGJ#2.19; Slavers.17))
  • Colloquium Suloise by Agnel Grammatol (DR#253.46)
  • The Compendium Imortale Magica Malifica (DR#272.55)
  • The Compendium Maleficarum (DVD.24, 25-26, 27, 38)
  • Compendium of Signs Magical and Mundane by Jawal Severnain (FtA:AoF.17)
  • Components and Reactions of Phosphorus by Daern (DR#82.58)
  • Cosmogony of Magnetic Fluids by Mordenkainen (DR#82.58)
  • The Courwood Travelers by Geohegan Chausard (DR#253.43)
  • Creation and Modification of Matter by Caterpillar (DR#82.57)
  • Crosse Ways of Ulek by Andreas Wythe (DR#253.42, 45)
  • Curabilis Pastorem by Gregorius The Green (DR#253.46)
  • Curative Music by Otto (WGA4.21)
  • Cursed Codex (CED.327)


  • The Dance of Nerull by Anonymous (DR#253.43)
  • Dark Juices of the Mind (RttToEE.121)
  • Dark Sides of the Memory by Mordenkainen (DR#82.58)
  • The Death Code of Eeas (Wars.26)
  • The Deep Fears of Humanity by Hallo-ene (DR#82.58)
  • The Demonomicon of Iggwilv (AKA the Fiendomicon) by Iggwilv (DR#225.51, 52; DR#299.101; DR#336.76-84; S4B1.30; S4B2.21, 26, 29)
  • The Demonomicon of Krestible (DR#336.82)
  • Desatysso’s Journal by Desatysso (RttToH.6, 27, 35, 37)
  • Dissimulation and Obscuration by Tzunk (DR#82.58)
  • Doctrinal Commentary by Dantus Allegrini (DR#253.41)
  • The Dragon-Scale Tome (WGA4.20, 22, 24)


  • Echoes and Resonance of the Great Void
  • Epic Saga of the Great Conjurers by Mordenkainen (DR#82.58)
  • Everlasting Damnations of Dilwomx (CED.327)
  • Evolution of the Arcane Will Power by Tenser (DR#82.58)
  • Exalted Dweomercraft by Jaran Krimeeah (DR#241.75-77)
  • Exegesis of Linguistic Usage by the Flanaess Peoples (44 volumes) by Revort Leyhar (FtA:AoF.13; PG.15)
  • Exile from Aerdy by Sonderrako of Rauxes (tAB.11)
  • Extreme Powers of Observation by Kwalish (DR#82.57)


  • The Fables of Burdock (DMG1E.158)
  • Fables of Dimbles and Dinges by Ibn Al-Muqaffa of Ekbir (DR#253.43)
  • Facets of Grey by Chancreon (LGJ#4.4)
  • Flann-Aerich’nyt (WGA4.21, 22)
  • Forgotten Arts of Oratory Magnetism by Leomund (DR#82.57)
  • Foundations of Secret Authority by Ill-Oominoty (DR#82.58)
  • Four Conversations (twelve volumes) (Rot8.33)


  • Gazette on the Norse Climates by Otiluke (DR#82.58)
  • The General and the Reaper (DR#293.92)
  • A Glossography for the Guide to the World of Greyhawk by Pluffet Smedger, the Elder (WoG:Gloss.1, 2)
  • Gnomicspheris (WGA4.20, 22)
  • Goodmonth by Gironi Boccanegra (DR#253.41-42, 43, 44)
  • The Great Yassa of Ogobanuk by Ogobanuk (LGG.134)
  • Greyhawk’s Contributions to the World of Magic (WGA2.12)
  • Greyhawk’s Inventors (WGA2.13)
  • A Guide to the World of Greyhawk (Volume III of A Catalogue of the Land Flanaess) by the Savant-Sage (WoG:Gloss.2)


  • Helvick Blackhand: His Book by Helvick Blackhand (DNG#73.66)
  • Herbal Recipes and Remedies by Sactus Signa (DR#253.45)
  • Historical Reign of Ulek by Geohegan Munt (DR#253.42)
  • A History by Courlan Attlander (WGA4.21, 22)
  • History of the Bards (LGJ#5.7; tAB.96)
  • History of the Priests of the Church of Saint Cuthbert by Dehm Brenner (DR#253.46)
  • An Honest Appraisal of the City of Clay by Bearne of Schwartzenbruin (DNG#145; 2)
  • An Honest Travellers Strange Tales of the South by L. Marquel (Wars.26)


  • The Ice-Shard Tome (DR#243.89-90)
  • Iggwilv’s Nethertome by Iggwilv (DR#225.51-53)
  • The Illumination of the Rose (A1-4.101)
  • Imaginary Landscapes (WGA4.20, 24)
  • Incunabulum of the Forgotten City (DR#243.89, 90-92)
  • Inexplicable Reflections by Bucknard (DR#82.59)
  • An Inspection of the Nature of Oerth by Jawan Sumbar (tAB.12)
  • Intelligence and Intuitive Domination by Zagy (DR#82.58)
  • Introductory Marine Chronography by Mathilde Dessenter tAB.13)


  • Journal of Geynor Ton by Geynor Ton (RttToEE.2, 188, 189)
  • Journal of Hedrack by Hedrack (RttToEE.2, 114, 188, 190)
  • The Journal of Kevelli Mauk by Kevelli Mauk (SB.26)


  • Khul-Ak tableaux (LGJ#1.29)
  • Kieren’s Journal by Kieren Jalucian (DR#268.70-72)


  • The Lays of Bar Strannach (Ivid.123; DR#290.100)
  • Legal Affairs in Veluna, 213 to 312 CY (T1-4.18)
  • Legal Distinctions in Letters of Marque by Tazaar (U1.24)
  • Legendry of Great Arms and Fabulous Heroes by Kas (DR#82.58)
  • Legendry of Phantoms and Ghosts by Evard (DR#82.57)
  • Levains Romance by Gerval Bussey (DR#253.44)
  • Libram Encyclic (DR#298.78)
  • Libram of the Dark Wing (LGJ#2.20)
  • Libram of the Great Paravisual Emanations by Nystul (DR#82.58)
  • Libram Putrescentia AKA True Word of the Lord of Decay (DNG#70.61)(DNG#70.61, 62)
  • Libram Snactus Vox (LGJ#2.30)
  • Life Afoot by Pontus Hardiggin (DR#262.38)
  • A Lizard Language and Common Tongue Grammar by Anonymous (U2.20)
  • Lore of Subtle Communication by Iggwilv (as Tasha) (DR#82.57)
  • The Lost Spellbook of Rary the Traitor by Rary (DR#249.90-96)
  • Luminary Wizards of Greyhawk (WGA2.13)


  • Mages of Greyhawk (WGA2.12)
  • Magic in the Flanaess (WGA2.12)
  • Magical Properties of Gemstones by Tenser (U1.7; U2.20)
  • Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by Tenser (U1.7)
  • Manual of Greater Bone Golems by Ferranifer (RttToH.53)
  • Manual of Magnetic and Electric Waves by Gee-Eeh (DR#82.58)
  • Manual Powers Beyond Life by Bigby (DR#82.57)
  • Meditations on the Lutemakers Art by Diambeth (WG8.44)
  • The Memoirs of Didro Eightfingers by Didro Eightfingers (RttToH.2, 11)
  • Mental Impressions of the Retina by Johydee (DR#82.58)
  • Metaphysics of Mathematics by Nystul (U1.7)
  • Minds of the Unknown by Lum (DR#82.58)
  • Moilian: A Treatise on Necromatic Alternatives by Drake (RttToH.45)
  • A Most Worshipful Guide to Benign Merikka (N1.16)
  • Murlynd’s Early Adventures & Subsequent Ventures by Murlynd (LGJ#3.13)
  • Murq’s Magica by Murq DR #269.65, 66)
  • The Musings of a Flan Monk (DNG#73.66)


  • The Nature of the Sahuaghin by Professor Gax (U2.20)
  • The Nesser Opuscule by Tzunk (DR#297.91)
  • The Nethertome of Trask (DNG #125)
  • The Ngise Tome of necromancy by Ngise (RttToH.40)


  • Occult Magnetism by Nolzur (DR#82.58)
  • Occult Properties of Gemstones by Tenser (U2.20)
  • Oerthmagik (DR#200.39, 41)
  • The Official History by Uhas of Neheli (WGA4.22)
  • On Sledge and Horseback to the Barbarians of the North by Alisedran ([[From the Ashes|FtA:AoF.67)
  • On The Rise of Magecraft and Modernity by Mordenkainen (LGJ#4.11)
  • Ordained Makedom by Rottcher Baggett (DR#253.46)
  • Ordinary Necromancy by Vecna (DR#82.59)
  • Otiluke’s Practical Gardening by Otiluke (WGQ1.19)


  • The Peasant’s Wedding (DR#253.44)
  • The Plundering and Disposition of the Silver Metal Cairn by Vasco Plugge (CoG:GoF.67)
  • The Poems of Thalac Jiwo by Thalac Jiwo (WGA4.21, 24)
  • The Politics of Power by Lorenzo Domici (U2.20)
  • Power Politics by Abel Mackie (U2.19)
  • Powers of the Spiritual Will by Phrandjes (DR#82.58)
  • Principles of Navigation by Da Korma ([[Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh|U1].24)
  • The Pyronomicon by Keraptis (DR#241.77-79)



  • The Red Book of the Von Slythe Family (given to the church of Rao for safe keeping and translation)
  • Reflections of Our Mother by Rolutir (DR#253.42)
  • Repertoire of Illustrious Conjurations by Drawmij (DR#82.58)
  • Repertoire of Subconscious Apparitions by Gaxx (DR#82.58)
  • Representations of the Sentient Plane by Rialissom (DR#82.58)
  • A Rigorous and Complete Treastise on the Theoretical Applications of De-salinated Waters in the Production of Potions (WGA4.20)
  • Runic Mysteries Revealed by Zagig Yragerne (FtA:AoF.17)


  • Science of Temporal Waves by Leuk-O (DR#82.58)
  • Secret of Ye Philosphers Stone ([[Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh|U1].12)
  • Secrets of Ye Skye Revealed by Selvor the Elder
  • Sifkhu Tablets (DNG#85.34, 35, 49, 53, 61, 63, 64)
  • Siman and Elimar (DR#253.47)
  • Skkelf Ala Saga (DR#253.47)
  • Slerotins Manifesto by Slerotin (DR#241.79-81)
  • Social Graces Among the Gnomes (WGR1.63)
  • Spherogenesis of the Multiverses by Otiluke (DR#82.58)
  • The Strictures of Azharadin (DR#293.92)
  • Structural Mathematics (WGR1.63)
  • Subconscious Repercussions of Pyromancy by Quaal (DR#82.57)


  • Tales of the Company of Seven by Heward
  • Theories on Converging Transitions by Lhegrand (DR#82.58)
  • Theories on Perception by Kuroth (DR#82.57)
  • Theory of Occult Visual Shock by Ye’Cind (DR#82.58)
  • Theory of the Invisible Forces by Tenser (DR#82.57)
  • Thesis on the Planes of Anti-Matter by Leomund (DR#82.58)
  • The Thrice Damned Tome of Anashelaq (LGJ#4.7)
  • The Tome of Darhasta by Darhasta (DNG #10.4)
  • Tome of Studies on the Fourth Dimension by Seik-O (DR#82.58)
  • The Tome of the Black Heart (WG5.23-27; DR#293.91; LGJ#0.5, 9; LGJ#4.16)
  • Tome of the Scarlet Sign (SB.3, 26)
  • The Tome of the Stilled Tongue
  • Tome of Zyx (DR#336.77)
  • Trance of the Intellect by Aspirin (DR#82.58)
  • Transcendental Impenetrabilities by Leomund (DR#82.58)
  • Travels by Fenwick Astakane (LGG.107)
  • The Travels of Marek Polstar (DR#253.44)
  • Treatise of Universal Astronomy by Melf (DR#82.59)
  • Treatise on Cabalistic Protections by Krest (DR#82.58)
  • Treatise on Mystical Rings by Levalsa of Enstad (DNG#13.17)
  • Treatise on the Practices of Hidden Ones by Bishop Imphalas of Furyondy (WGA4.20, 23)
  • Triangular Tome of Kugatsmor (LGJ#1.20)
  • Triumph of Diplomacy by Tyrons Scroot (U2.20)
  • True Account of the Great Almorian Campaign (five volumes) by Thredus (Wars.28)
  • The True Relation of the Nyr Dyv and the Lands Surrounding by Norfil van Defflitter (WGA4.21, 24)
  • Two Years’ Record of the Hidden Sea by Anonymous (tAB.11)


  • Understanding the Handiwork of Celestian by Agath of Thrunch
  • Unknown Movements of the Universe by Arnd (DR#82.58)


  • Vecna’s Ineffable Variorum by Vecna(DR#225.49-51)
  • Visions of Fear


  • War of the Houses (DR#298.80)
  • Weapons of the Ether by Melf and Mordenkainen
  • Wings for Mankind (WGA2.12-13)
  • Woebluf (UK2.22)
  • Wonderful Flying Inventions (WGA2.12, 13)
  • The Word of Incarum by Incarum (DNG#41.47, 48, 56, 57; LGG.129)
  • The Wye Canon By Jenkin Wye (DR#253)



  • The Yellow Tome (DR#284.64)


  • Zagig’s Comedicon by Zagyg (DR#270)

Books by Professor Yaliel Dawnshroud

  • The History and Prehistory of the Codex of Infinite Planes
  • Flan Stories for Children (in 5 volumes)
  • The Isles of Woe: We Know More Than We Think
  • Flan Folklore and Religion
  • The Early Flan, A Garment of Many Colors
  • Flan Linguistic Subgroups
  • The Oerth Mother and the Hearth Mother: Are Beory and Berei One And The Same?
  • The Missing Ancient Flan Kingdom: Records of Barovia
  • Ink and Blood: The Ancient Art of Flan Tattoo Magic
  • The Gods in The Cloth: Flan Magical Garments and Designs
  • Flan Symbolism and Body Arts (With Rand Nightwalk)
  • The Tower Eternal: The Mystery of the Ghost Tower of Inverness
  • Songs From a Voiceless Time: Flan Ballads of the Pres-Migration Period
  • Inked Onto Their Hearts: Flan Love Ballads From Ancient to Modern Times
  • Our World in Flames: A Flan History of the Oerdian Invasion
  • Embroidery of the Soul: The Garment Sages

Books by Professor Rand Nightwalk

  • Flan Folkore in the Nyr Dyv Region
  • Tales of The Gods of Dawn: A Study of Pelor, Nerull and Beory
  • Flan Symbolism and Body Arts (With Yaliel DawnShroud)
  • Forgotten Potions: Herbal Remedies of the Ancient Flan
  • The Family Everdawn: From Ancient Times to The Rebirth of A Kingdom (3 volumes)


  • Aestrella, by Otto (LGJ#0.11)
  • Ballad of the Sweaty Yeti (DG.11)
  • Claws of Dragotha (DG.11)
  • Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
  • Fall of the Scarlet Brotherhood
  • The Forge of Worlds (FtA:CB.83)
  • Forlorn Flowers of the Forest
  • Oh Blinding Light
  • Red Road to Rift Canyon (LGG.113)
  • Steadfast Heart


  • The Gilded Monarch (LGG#2.29)

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