In Greyhawk, Growfest is not taken as a week-long public holiday, though it is regarded as a time of good cheer with the full arrival of spring. The weather is usually blustery, with cool sunny days alternating with heavy rain. Farmers, herders, longshoremen and other workers prepare for the upcoming busy summer, and merchant activity is high. Growfest 4th, Godsday, is St. Cuthbert’s Day, the largest annual festival celebrated by those of that faith. In the City of Greyhawk, the highlight of Growfest for the rest of the populace comes on Freeday evening, Growfest 7th. This event is the Desportium of Magick, a contest between illusionists who seek to cast the most magnificent display of illusion/phantasm magic on an established theme, that of a historical attack by monsters and humanoids on the Grand Citadel.

Growfest 1

  • 1st day is Banapis, also known as “Losar” among certain Bakluni sects, who consider it to be New Year’s! Huge parties with presents exchanged, considered everybody’s birthday. Not celebrated in Suel lands, who consider celebration of any but one’s actual birth date to be evidence of ignorance and barbarism.
  • The Flan celebration of The First Dawn. It remembers the First Day of Creation.

Growfest 2

  • The Feast of Edoira is a holiday celebrated in the Domain of Greyhawk on Growfest 4, during the Spring Equinox. It is named after Edoira, a priest of Rao who centuries ago established the Edoiran Compact, a pact by which many of the lawful good-aligned faiths and people of the Domain could agree to cooperate. The Compact was later extended to non-lawful good and neutral faiths. Edoira was never deified but was revered by many good faiths in the Domain. The holiday was marked by religious services on Godsday of Growfest led by the clerics of the good faiths who partook of the Compact, and secular festivals by the ordinary citizenry. Observance of the holiday has declined over the years, though the clergies of Rao and Pelor still hold their traditional interfaith services, with occasional participation by the priesthoods of Heironeous and Mayaheine. Since the end of the Greyhawk Wars most of the Domain’s outlying communities no longer observe the holiday. Only one church in Safeton still does so.

Growfest 3

  • Yondalla’s blessing. A day when halflings celebrate their creation and being the blessed of Yondalla. Gifts are exchanged with all they know and the first signs of spring are praised. At this point and until the seventh, the halflings engage in celebrating every facet of their lives. On the 7th the Halflings of Elmshire go to the Desportium of Magick (Grand Illusion Show)in Greyhawk City.

Growfest 4

  • Celene’s full moon, Vernal Equinox
    Very important to Atroa, Beory, Berei, Elhonna
  • Also known as the Feast of Atroa in celebration of a new growing season and the promise of prosperity. This is time when communities gather together to plan for the future. It is not uncommon for a celebration to center around a community event like a barn-raising, to help a neighbor whose homestead may have been damaged over the winter. The day’s community work is then relieved with revelry in the evening where bonds of friendship often grow.
  • Saint Cuthbert’s Day. Celebrated on the 4th day of Growfest, Saint Cuthbert’s Day is the largest festival celebrated by Saint Cuthbert’s church. It involves locals and pilgrims gathering at a city’s gate at dawn and parading and singing along a major road until they reach the local shrine or temple. Children swipe at everyone within reach with switches in a custom known as “the cleansing.” At their destination, a cleric brings out a replica of the Mace of Cuthbert and there is a great feast from noon until dusk, and then a bonfire from sundown until midnight that the faithful believe can remove curses and misfortune
  • Worshippers of Rillifane Rallathil celebrate the Budding on this day, a joyful celebration of new life celebrated through dance and song in oak groves in the heart of the forest. A ritual hunt of a noble heart is held on this day, after which the venison is eaten in celebration of Rillifane’s bounty.

Growfest 5

  • Day of Honor. An Oerdian holiday where loyalty of vassals to masters is celebrated. It remembers the duties of both to each other and to the commoners. Alms are given to the poor, gifts from masters to vassals and vice versa.
  • The First Rainbows of Spring. An elven celebration between the Elves and the Flan that remembers the promise of cooperation and fellowship between them. A large celebration in Geoff, but it happens wherever Flan and Elves are in large numbers together.

Growfest 6

  • Lights of the Nyr Dyv. A day when all who dwell along the Dyv have a daylong celebration in preparation for a flotilla with magical lights that travels from Willip. Many local communities, where the flotilla does not go, have their own.

Growfest 7

  • Desportium of Magick, a contest between illusionists who seek to cast the most magnificent display of illusion/phantasm magic on an established theme, that of a historical attack by monsters and humanoids on the Grand Citadel.
  • Last day is “Foolsday,” sacred to Olidammara and other trickster gods. In Ulek and among rangers, it is traditional to send someone ‘hunting the gawk’ {a meaningless errand}. The Lord of Misrule from the Feast of Unreason, variantly named Motely or Widdershins, is sometimes elected to preside over this day as well.


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