Red Jack's Crew

Red Jack’s Crew

An eclectic collection of rogues, Jack’s crew is made up of all manner of races, genders, ages, and dispositions. The one thing they all have in common is their unwavering loyalty to their captain. The early members of the crew were outcast and downtrodden that Jack took under his wing, giving them a chance at a surprisingly better life. Later members often come from the survivors of vessels that were attacked by other pirate crews and left to die. Nearly every crew member owes some debt to Jack, and they repay it as best they can.

Since Jack treats them all as family, the crew tends to behave in an appropriate manner. While they might not all like each other, there’s hell to pay for anyone who strikes against their fellows. Jack makes sure that all plunder gets divided fairly — with the largest shares going to those who worked the hardest for it. This encourages everyone to participate and give their all. Their captain also rewards intelligence, innovative thinking and teamwork. Talk of mutiny is virtually unheard of and generally quelled by the crew themselves. They would gladly follow their charismatic captain to the ends of world.

Major Crew Members

Zegran Osver (25, 5’8”, short, curly black hair, brown eyes, Flan) – Jack’s loyal first mate, accomplished navigator and confidant always follows his captain wherever he goes. This is due to an agreement between the two that Zegran would do his best to curb Jack’s more “fiendish” tendencies. He is the only member of the crew who knows Jack’s real history, but has sworn to never tell a soul. He owes his life to his captain after being rescued from slavers early in Jack’s career.

Zegran is an accomplished sailor and enjoys the freedom of being a pirate. In fact, he just enjoys freedom in general. He can be downright murderous and vindictive when the situation calls for it, but mostly he’s known for his easy smile and ready wit. Zegran would much rather be laughing and indulging himself than having to stab someone to death. He’s fiercely protective of his friend and worries when Jack has his occasional brushes with insanity.

Nevyn Talshar (27, 6’5”, long brown hair, brown eyes, mixed ethnicity, Fighter) – Jack’s formidable boatswain rules the deck of the Second Chance with an iron fist. Born in Onnwal, Nevyn’s family were fishermen. At the age of eight, her family were killed by slavers and she and her little brother were taken captive. She lost one of her eyes and wasn’t considered fit for more than manual labor, so, despite her efforts, Nevyn found herself separated from her brother whom she hasn’t seen since. Instead of bowing under the terrible conditions, the girl learned to defend herself and became a brutal, bare knuckle pit fighter. It wasn’t until many years later that the slaver crew that Nevyn currently belonged to fell to the might of Red Jack that she got a chance for freedom. Without a second thought, she offered her services to the young captain and grew to be one of his most trusted crew members.

Nevyn is not overly fond of most men due to her experiences, though she doesn’t refuse to work with them. Once they’ve earned her respect, she treats them just like anyone else — by threatening death and dismemberment if they don’t do what she tells them. She’s known for her booming voice and bad temper among the rest of crew who fear her as much as they respect her. Nevyn is also the defacto voice for the female crew members and makes sure they aren’t treated unfairly due to their gender. Killing people doesn’t bother her, but she absolutely will not tolerate bullies of any kind. She treats Jack as a surrogate brother and would happily die to protect him. Zegran is possibly her best friend, and the two often go drinking together.

Daugir “Mad Daug” Faerondalan (547, 5’5”, gold hair, violet eyes, gray elf, Alchemist) – Daugir really doesn’t mind being called “mad” since he’ll be the first to admit it’s quite true — in both senses of the word. A fantastically skilled alchemist, Daugir was tapped by his kingdom of Celene to be part of the vanguard for the Hateful Wars against the evil humanoids of the pomarj. His small band was ambushed early on and taken captive. Over the following years, all of his fellows died horrible deaths at the hands of their enemies and yet no one was ever dispatched to rescue them. Eventually Daug remained, the last of his comrades, held prisoner for nearly 140 years. His skills as an alchemist were what made him valuable enough to keep alive for so long. The orcs and goblins were fascinated by his powerful concoctions and demanded him to make them. The elf lived out more than a century in a filthy cage, being passed from leader to leader, only let out when they wanted him to make something for them.

Driven mad by captivity, constant torture, and visceral hatred of his enemies, the orcs finally decided to see if they could sell Daugir off to human slavers — or simply drown him in the ocean. Fortunately for the elf, the Second Chance intercepted the orcish ship, annihilating the crew when they refused to surrender. Jack was horrified by Daugir’s condition, and it took nearly a week to coax the elf out of his cage. Once he was truly free, Daugir immediately swore loyalty to his masked savior.

Working as the crew’s inventor, most of the crew is leery of Daugir’s strange creations and draughts, even if they trust him. He has his own workshop on the Second Chance filled with bizarre devices and oddly colored liquids. Dressed neck to toe in protective leather gear, Daugir prefers to avoid showing off his body as it is completely covered in gruesome and extensive scarring from nearly a century and a half of constant torture. He has a truly terrifying hatred of orcs and is the only crew member Jack has ever stopped from killing someone. Watching an elf tear out an orc’s throat with his teeth was a bit much even for Red Jack. Daugir is not terribly fond of the elves of Celene either, feeling that they abandoned him and his compatriots during the war. While quite unstable, he is absolutely loyal to Jack and the crew and offers his considerable skills to aid them. He’s a surprisingly good field medic, backing up Nasim’s healing skills with practiced surgical knowledge.

Nasim Rahal (17, 5’10”, Black hair, Black eyes, Baklunish, Cleric of Istus) – Born into a noble family, Nasim was given every opportunity one could think of. Most certainly no one expected him to be the navigator and chaplain for a deadly pirate crew. He was clever and showed wisdom far beyond his tender years. Even though he was the middle of three sons (and a younger sister), his family was eager to see what the future would hold for their prodigy. At the age of seven, they took him to the church of Istus to have his destiny read. What they heard took them by surprise. The priestess declared that he was meant to serve Istus herself, and that his family would reap great rewards for his work. Puzzled, but still excited, they gave the boy over to the tutelage of the church.

Though he still lived with his family, Nasim spent increasing amounts of time in contemplation and study. He excelled at the his work, proving to be a natural as a cleric. Everyone felt that he was intended to be a leader in the church, though no one bothered as to what he wanted. Growing frustrated by how little control he had over his own fate, Nasim started considering what other options he might have. At the age of 15, just shy of his 16th birthday, he settled in for a few hours of meditation — and was treated to a vision that left him so shaken, he literally ran from the church to his bedroom. It didn’t take long for the fear to turn to anger, however, and Nasim privately railed against his goddess’s declaration of his future. His stubborn streak reared its head full force, and Nasim finally decided to act.

He left home in the middle of the night, not leaving a note or any explanation of where he was going. Taking only a small amount of money and provisions, the boy set out into the world on his 16th birthday. Things proved to be much tougher than he was expecting, though, and not much time passed before he was forced to tell people’s fortunes on the street for food money. It was while he sat, bound by ropes along with a handful of other people who the slavers had caught, that he considered perhaps freedom of choice wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. As he sees it, the Lady of Fate laughed at his defiance, and as soon as he was caught he was freed — by the very masked face that had terrified him in his vision. Cursing at his goddess’s sense of humor, Nasim declared in no uncertain terms that he would join the crew. Jack might have protested, since he strongly believes that children have no place on a pirate crew, but the boy’s conviction and presence was rather hard to ignore.

Nasim is the youngest member of the crew, and one of their most valuable. He is an excellent healer, an unerring navigator, and generally spots trouble coming before it has the chance to even get its act together. While he doesn’t have Jack’s confidence quite the same way as Zegran does, the young cleric often has long chats with his captain about personal matters. Combined with his abilities as a priest of the goddess of fate… Suffice to say, Nasim knows more than anyone thinks he does. The crew is very protective of their young comrade, though he is more than capable of taking care of himself. Though youthful, he learns frighteningly fast. He also tends to be cynical and doesn’t hold back on complaints even if he works just as hard as everyone else. Nasim is frustrated by his goddess’s interference with his life, but accepts that he has an important part to play in things to come.

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Aeta Earthcut (44, 4’1”, 156 lbs, light brown hair, brown eyes, Dwarf, Rogue) – To say Aeta is unusual for a dwarf would be an understatement. Her father was a priest of Moradin and her mother was an accomplished smith. Aeta always felt out of place among her family, who tried to be understanding. But honestly, would it kill the girl to try something normal like making a sword? Aeta tried her hand at everything but couldn’t seem to find a good fit. Though, she was pretty fond of explosives! She ended up apprenticed to the head demolitions expert and started blowing holes for mining. This too was terribly unfulfilling, and Aeta rapidly grew dissatisfied. The young dwarf decided to take a break and went travelling.

And then she got to the sea. Awed by the majesty of the waves, Aeta finally found her place. She went to the nearest library and poured through every book on ships she could find. She pestered sailors at the port to teach her their knowledge. She tied knots until her hands were raw. And yet no one wanted her on their crew. Determined, the girl refused to give up and ended up signing on with a pirate crew, thinking it couldn’t do any harm, right? After only a few weeks on the ocean, Aeta began to feel uncomfortable. These people were undisciplined, crude, and… actually kind of evil. Months later, she finally plucked up the courage to lodge a protest over the treatment of captives. After being threatened by the captain, she decided to handle things herself.

By the time the Second Chance came across her ship, she and the captives were sitting comfortably in a lifeboat amongst the wreckage. Aeta admitted to having turned the ships own canons on them along with strategically placing the supply of gunpowder. Impressed with her munitions skills, resourcefulness, and, let’s face it, moxy, Jack invited her to join the crew. Now she maintains the ship’s armaments and is an expert cannoneer. Her aim is terrifyingly accurate, and she ties the best knots anyone has ever seen. Nevyn frequently has her check the rigging and teach newcomers how to tie proper nautical knots. For Aeta, life is pretty darned grand. She even acts as a bit of a moral compass for the crew if they stray a little too far towards the “not-good” side, though Aeta definitely doesn’t have a problem with killing people when they’re asking for it. Plus, how many pirate crews can say they have a proper dwarf on board?

Marlais Blackshield (54, 6’3”, 224lbs, bald, black goatee, brown eyes, Oeridian Fighter) – Marlais has spent the last 31 years as a pirate, but his history is a bit more deep and tragic. Born into the occupied territory of the Shield Lands, Marlais offered himself into the service of Iuz’s army in order to protect his family. Though a devout worshiper of Hextor, Marlais subsumed his rage and distaste for the Old One for the good of those he loved. He became a valuable and skilled warrior, winning acclaim and treasure and becoming a commander. He met and married the love of his life, had a healthy baby boy, and was given a cozy estate as a reward for his service. Despite the horror of his surroundings, Marlais was happy during that time, looking forward to being able to retire in as much peace as anyone could find in such a place.

Upon returning from a particularly grueling campaign, the warrior found his home in flames, and his beloved wife lay dying and defiled outside. He barely had time to tell her he loved her as she drew her last breath while his house collapsed behind them. Unable to find his son, Marlais believed he had died in the fire. Overwhelmed with grief and rage, Marlais turned on the humanoid troops who had ransacked his estate, slaughtering an entire company with their own weapons. He kept killing until he was finally chased off by an elite squad sent specifically to stop him. He fled to the coast, joining the first crew he came across. And began his life as a pirate.

Marlais spent the next 26 years trying to essentially commit suicide by combat. Too bad for him, no one was up to the challenge. Broken and bitter, the warrior fell into a deep depression, unable to forgive himself for the death of those he loved most, but also unwilling to forgive the ones who had actually killed them. No one cheered as much over Iuz’s death as he did, and he has a standing resolve to buy the Heroes of the Key a drink should he ever meet one of them. Still, there didn’t seem to be any respite in site. It wasn’t until he finally found himself flat on his back at sword point that he had an epiphany. Looking up into the red eye of Jack, he surprised himself by saying “I don’t want to die.” Red Jack just smiled cryptically and replied, “Then you don’t have to.”

Marlais is in charge of combat training for Red Jack’s entire crew, whipping them into military precision. He hand picks the elite warrior marines and leads them into battle personally. Even at his advancing age, Marlais is a terrifying opponent. Though he is a master of many weapons, he is particularly fond of vicious looking swords and flails. Intimidation is as much a weapon as any blade. He is grateful to Jack for giving him a new purpose and what he has come to see as a new family. Whenever it is called for, Marlais insists on acting as his captain’s personal bodyguard. He deals with threats harshly and decisively, and is part of the reason dissent is generally worked out before it becomes a problem.

Zegran feels that if Jack ever truly gets out of control, Marlais might be the only person on the crew with the skill and experience to put him down — and the most likely to manage it without killing their beloved captain. Marlais thinks of Jack like a son, and would do anything for him. Not naturally bald, he shaves his head because his normally, thick, wavy, dark locks tend to get in the way and seem to make people think touching his head is a great idea.

Chalchiuhticue “Chal” (19, 5’4”, 126 lbs, Black hair, Black eyes, reddish-brown skin, Olman) – The crew’s deceptive supply officer is a woman of many secrets — or so she likes to imagine. Chal was born in the Amedio Jungle and barely escaped being sacrificed to one of the many hungry Olman gods. Her tribe was conquered by their neighbors, and the young girl was picked out as a preferable sacrifice. She managed to sweet talk her guard into letting her “stretch her legs” and knocked him unconscious. Running for her life, she kept going till she made it to the coast. There, she stowed away on the first ship she spotted. Too bad for her it was a pirate ship.

Her first crew was not at all pleased to find an uninvited guest, but she used her silver tongue and convinced them she would be a valuable asset. And convinced them she was a boy, which seemed to ease the transition. Chal turned out to be a natural at disguises. With just a few changes, she could go from seductive temptress to bumbling cabin boy. She switched ships a few times, but eventually had the misfortune of being on one that ran afoul of Red Jack. Since Chal didn’t participate in the fighting, Jack gave her the option of joining up. Which she jumped at since her current crew were a bunch of skeevy jerks anyway. The young woman was awed by what she found on the Second Chance. The diversity of the crew and their familial treatment of one another was completely foreign to her. After a few weeks, Chal confessed to her captain that she had been lying to them and was, in fact, a woman. Jack just shrugged indifferently and told her, “You don’t have to be anyone other than you.” She was floored and elated.

Chal still keeps up with her many disguises because of how useful they are. She’s a master at blending in — or standing out if the situation calls for it — changing her gender and persona so often, most of the crew isn’t quite sure who the “real” Chal even is. Something she prefers. If there is something the crew needs, she can find it and get a ludicrously good price to boot. The woman haggles well enough to frustrate a Baklune and takes great pride in her ability to get her hands on even the exotic and hard to find merchandise. In fact, she’s made a game of it and likes to surprise crew members with treats from their homelands that they never thought they’d find again.

Saucy and often comically insolent to most people, Chal practically worships Jack. After seeing him in a fight, she’s half convinced he’s some kind of divine incarnation of a war spirit. Not that she’d ever tell him that, of course. Instead of simpering and kowtowing, Chal has made it her life-long goal to make the unflappable captain blush. Though the two have agreed they’re not at all interested in one another, she still flirts shamelessly with him. Chal doesn’t hesitate to harass him about his conquests either, needling Jack about the many ladies that cross his path. She’s intensely curious about the fiery red-head who had the gall to actually hit him and the strange friends she brought along.

Not one to focus much on religion, Chal has, none the less, used her people’s savage reputation to her advantage. After being called a particularly unflattering name, Chal chased a crew member with a butcher’s knife and threatened to sacrifice them to the sun god. This lead to confusion as everyone was quite sure Pelor frowned on human sacrifice. The only member of the crew who makes her nervous is Nasim. The cleric of Istus often looks at people and just knows things. The thought of someone being able to divine her deepest secrets at a glance is very unsettling to her.

Sionyn “Sio” Owusu (37, 5’9”, 142 lbs, wavy black hair, blue eyes, black skin, Touv) – Willowy and stoic, Sionyn cooks and doles out food to Red Jack’s crew with barely a word. Not having much to say doesn’t mean he has nothing going on in his head, though. The son of two defected Touv mercenaries taken from Hepmonaland by the Scarlet Brotherhood, Sio grew up in Greyhawk City where his parents settled. The family runs an eatery specializing in exotic food from their homeland tailored to fit the northern pallette. He helped out in the kitchen at a young age, surrounded by his six brothers and sisters. After attending Grey College to study law and philosophy, Sionyn found himself possessed by a powerful bout of wanderlust. He joined the crew of a merchant ship and enjoyed travelling all over, quietly observing. The ship he was on surrendered peacefully to Red Jack’s crew, and the man surprised everyone by asking to join the pirate’s crew.

Fluent in the Touv languages of his parents, Sio sometimes prefers to pretend he doesn’t speak common when he can’t be bothered with a boring conversation. He never complains and always works hard, spending long hours in the ship’s galley preparing food. Possessed of a natural facility with food, Sio can replicate even the most complicated dish after simply tasting it. Never one to waste, he can also craft spectacular meals out of mere scraps. Red Jack and his crew eat as well as any nobility even out on the open ocean. Because of his background in law, Sio is the one who drafts any and all contracts or documents needed by the crew and insists on reading over anything that someone is asked to sign. He and Nasim can frequently be found having intense philosophical and theological debates. The rest of the crew generally leaves them alone during those times since most of them have trouble even following what they’re talking about.

Being the child of a pair of fierce mercenaries, he also is trained in the use of traditional Touv weaponry and can be incredibly dangerous when called for. The unwritten rule is “Don’t cause trouble in the kitchen.” There have been times when he grudgingly agreed to help Chal out with some kind of con, though he doesn’t care much for pretending to be a “terrifying savage.” He likes Jack and considers him a dear friend, though he gets irritated when the captain begs him to make a special meal for the latest female guest he’s entertaining. Though not one to say it, he’s of the opinion Jack should find himself a less vacant and boring match.

Fychan Loftus (36, 5’8”, 150 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Rhenee, Witch) – Called the “Sea Witch” or “Witch Captain,” Fychan was commander of a small but notable pirate crew for many years. His powerful and unearthly magics became renowned for being some kind of unholy monster. It wasn’t until he tangled with Red Jack that he found someone not even remotely intimidated by his notoriety. Jack thrashed him and his crew with little effort. Rather than seeing his people wiped out, Fychan begged that he be allowed to take responsibility for them and offered himself as a sacrifice. Impressed by his devotion to his crew, Jack decided to spare them all. Fychan swore himself into Red Jack’s service and hasn’t regretted it since. He commands one of Red Jack’s secondary ships.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Fychan is actually a very pleasant and even tempered man. He has a fondness for wine, women and song and has played Jack’s “wing-man” on more than one occasion. As most people say “The witch isn’t so bad, but watch out for the weasel.” Indeed, his weasel familiar, Benny, has a foul temper and dislikes everyone other than Fychan, and oddly, Jack. Gifted with strange magic, Fychan actually specializes in curses and charms and elemental magic, using his powers to weaken his foes and strengthen his allies. He is equipped with an array of voodoo dolls, idols, other paraphernalia that no one else in the crew is willing to go near. Even if many of them are off-put by his strange abilities, it isn’t unusual for one of the crew to ask for a bit of a “boost” from him in the form of a love potion or luck charm. Having immediately sensed Jack’s fiendish heritage, Fychan is quite curious about the young man and ponders if he might be some new type of being entirely — a half-devil that straddles the delicate line between good and evil. He has been helping Jack explore his magic and works on finding ways around the odd “curse” that seems to taint the young man’s very blood.

Glynis Mainard (26, 5’2”, 109 lbs, black hair, green eyes, half-elf, Bard) – To say Glynis is odd would be an understatement. Constantly distracted by the world around her and the thoughts in her head, she tends to stumble into trouble with distressing frequency. Zegran always assigns a crew member to accompany her when she is on land. Combined with her addiction to gambling, this trait was what led her to nearly getting herself killed. She was saved from angry debt collectors by Marlais who took pity on the girl and brought her back to the crew with him. Then she never left. Despite her ditzy and troublesome nature, the crew looks at her as something of a mascot.

Her history is probably the least tumultuous of the crew, having come from a loving family with no tragedy to speak of. Every week, she sends a letter to her mother detailing the places they’ve gone. She simply loves to travel and dreams of making a map of the whole of Oerth. She is an incredibly skilled cartographer, able to draw maps of startling accuracy. Glynis has journals full of stories noted to correspond with her maps by the location in which she heard them and where they supposedly took place. In addition, she is a talented performer with a magnificent soprano voice, though her obsession with funerary songs and dirges leads her to have a rather limited and macabre repertoire. In fact, she has a preoccupation with all things related to death in cultures and spends a good bit of her spare time researching and discussing the topic. Glynis is quick to offer to entertain people, and the crew gets a kick out of the surprise and horror her moribund performances bring about.

Pwyll Grayblade (24, 5’10”, 169 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, Suel, Fighter/Duelist) – A man of few words, Pwyll prefers to let his actions speak for him. He is incredibly lazy when it comes to anything other than battle. Give him an opponent, though, and he is a maniacal blur of sword strikes. He absolutely lives for the thrill of combat, pouring all of his energy into his sword craft. As one of Marlais’s marines, he is a frightening and implacable foe with a shark’s grin plastered across his face. Otherwise, you’ll likely find him sleeping in a sunny spot on the deck or looking monumentally bored. Everyone puts up with his disinterest in physical labor mainly because the man is just so hellishly good in a fight. He highly respects Jack and Marlais, both of whom have beaten him in a sword match, but generally is indifferent to the rest of the crew. Never the less, anyone trying to harm one of them might find the sleepy swordsman to be a suddenly deadly enemy. Out of everyone, he is the least concerned about Jack’s fits of temporary insanity, rather admiring the sheer terror the younger man evokes in their enemies.

Born to a large family in the County of Ulek, Pwyll’s early life was unremarkable. He chafed under the boring and repetitious life afforded him as the son of a farmer, taking up sword play when he made friends with the local soldiers. The boy proved to be incredibly talented, and the small amount of tutoring only whet his appetite for blade skills. His parents staunchly opposed his lessons, and his father threatened to disown him if he continued down such a potentially dangerous path. This proved to be a terrible mistake on the man’s part, when his son simply left one day without another word. Pwyll traveled around the Flanaess, searching for the best sword teachers he could find. Unfortunately, he belatedly discovered that most instruction didn’t come for free, and he soon found himself broke and in unfamiliar territory. Spotting Marlais expertly beating up the thugs that were pursuing Glynis, he asked to be allowed to join the crew. As long as there is a steady supply of people to test his sword skills on, Pwyll is content.

Devin Surefield (21, 6’8”, 287 lbs, Black hair, Brown eyes, Green skin, Half-Orc/Half-Flan Ranger) – Though his mother, Naudia, was not a willing participant in his conception, Devin was fortunate that she loves him no less. The child of a flan farmer and a marauding orc, he has had more than his share of struggles in his life. His mother adores him, though, and her family cares just as much about him as the wholly human children in their mix. He has found acceptance among the villagers of his home as well, who were willing to overlook his orc heritage. A talented tracker and hunter, Devin put his gifts to use by keeping his home safe and providing extra meat for the people during lean times. He is also skilled at training animals which came in handy in an agricultural area.

He is very much a “momma’s boy,” doting on her whenever possible. When she suddenly took ill with a strange disease, Devin was willing to go to any lengths to see her cured. He took on a massive debt for her, admittedly experimental, treatment. But in the end, she was restored to health, which made the sacrifice entirely worth it in his mind. Rather than tell her the truth about how he obtained the medicine which saved her life, Devin said it was time for him to strike out on his own. Naudia was heartbroken, but understanding as she bid farewell to her beloved child. Finding great difficulty getting enough money to pay his debt, Devin ended up looking to join a pirate crew. After several unsuccessful attempts, he stumbled upon Red Jack and several of his crew carousing in a bar. Surprised by how genial and big hearted they seemed, Devin tentatively asked to be allowed to join. It didn’t take any more than sharing his story to convince Jack.

Devin is clever and devoted. He puts his whole heart into any task he is given and would do anything to help his friends. With a heart proportional to his massive size, Devin is more gentle and caring than would ever be expected of a half-orc. He’s known by the rest of the crew to be a “softy,” though they tend to dislike it when someone takes advantage of that fact. Though their relationship was initially tense, Daugir eventually absolved Devin of his “orcness” and the two ended up being fairly good friends. Normally a very serious person, he tends to be good at keeping others on task. He is one of Marlais’s marines, and the older man depends on him to help maintain the groups high discipline standards. Jack often asks Devin to keep an eye on Glynis or Pwyll when they’re in port to make sure they don’t get into trouble. His skills as a hunter and animal trainer aren’t much in demand out on the sea, but he is still a devastating opponent.

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Rhain Burningstars (Unknown age, looks mid thirties, 6’4”, 212 lbs, Brown hair, blue-green eyes, half water elemental) -

Called the “old man” by everyone who knows him, Rhain scarcely looks past his mid thirties. The truth, however, is that he has been terrorizing the waters of the Flanaess for well over a century. He was born in the elemental plane of water to a powerful and evil elemental, possibly the archomental Olhydra herself considering his early memories of her, and an unknown human man. Raised in the watery environment, Rhain was eventually cast out to the prime material plane for some action he has never revealed. That being the case, he no longer counts the evil elementals as allies of any kind and generally finds himself at odds with them if their paths cross. Due to his rather rare genetics, Rhain is honestly unsure of just how long he will live and what changes might occur to his body as he ages.

Feeling lost on land, Rhain eventually gave up attempting to live among humans in the Flanaess and took to the seas. Becoming a pirate seemed a natural, if gradual, decision as he attempted to rebel against his evil heritage but found he was unable to shake it entirely. He was a truly terrifying captain of tremendous power, commanding a small, but menacing fleet of ships. Stories persist even to this day of the pirate captain who could assume the shape of the very waves and use their power to tear ships in half. The size of his crew waxed and waned over the decades, but the legends of the “old man” never seemed to entirely die out. Realizing he did not age at the same rate as humans, Rhain sometimes retired temporarily rather than face the inevitable questions about his ageless appearance.

How he and Donovan Von Slythe met is a story the two have never actually shared despite much prying from Jack. Rhain was able to tell of Jack’s fiendish bloodline from the moment he laid eyes on the boy, telling him he “reeked of the nine hells,” and Rhain is familiar with the Von Slythe’s history and those involved in it. Taking pity on the two, the half elemental took Jack under his protection and made the child his cabin boy. It didn’t take long for Jack to impress him with his skills, however, and Rhain quickly came to rely on him as his second in command. Though they did not always agree on methods, they worked well together, and it was the elder pirate who gave the younger his distinctive red mask. Rhain has often argued with Jack over the young man’s devil blood, telling him that denying it entirely is a dangerous road. He advocates embracing this half of himself in order to prevent it from either destroying or ruling him outright. Jack doesn’t fear his mentor at all, and is one of the few people to be found who is willing to argue with the man.

Rhain is currently going through a retirement phase, letting Red Jack take over as his successor. He watches the young man’s career with enthusiasm, and has been known to travel with the crew occasionally when the boredom and inactivity get to be too much. Though Jack trusts him implicitly and even seems to relish the chance to work with his mentor, the rest of the crew is always uneasy about the “old man” who’s presence is often overwhelming. Though he prefers not to involve himself heavily in the affairs of mortals, Rhain finds the plots of the Devil King and the Black Rider to be irksome. He has no desire to see Oerth conquered by fiends or destroyed. He is starting to worry about Jack’s well being and has considered stepping in to help protect his protege. So far, it looks as though others have things somewhat in hand, so he has remained on the sidelines.

Most generally detached from the shorter lived races, Rhain rarely concerns himself with what others do to each other. He is not a passionate being, and hardly shows any emotion beyond disinterest. Having dealt with generations of families, he has a difficult time even telling people apart at times and has been known to call them by their ancestors’ names. Those he has no connection to at all will be referred to by their most obvious physical feature until they do something that actually catches his attention enough so that he bothers to learn their real names. He has come to care about his friend Donovan and Jack, however, and he is especially fond of the boy who he sees as being more similar to him in their unique heritage than anyone else he has met. Patient in a way that can confound anyone who ages at a normal rate, Rhain tend to plan for the long term rather than focus on the present. Occasionally cruel, but more often simply efficient, he is massively powerful thanks to the gifts of his elemental blood. Even beyond what those of elemental descent are able to do, he can control water to devastating effect. Whether this is indeed due to the power of his outsider parent, or perhaps because of the blood of his human father, he is not certain. Burningstars is a surname he chose for himself because it sounded foreboding.

Red Jack's Crew

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