Roykyn (ROY-kihn) is the gnomish hero-goddess of cruelty, particularly cruel pranks. Her favored animal is a feral cat, and her symbol is a furled scroll dripping dark fluid.

Roykyn is commonly depicted as a dark-haired gnomish woman with a wicked gleam in her eye, but she can appear in almost any humanoid form.

Roykyn was formerly a priestess of the gnomish deity Urdlen, but her apotheosis was sponsored by Erythnul, who perhaps in selecting this particular servant was seeking to broaden his appeal beyond simple violence.

To a follower of Roykyn, the greatest joy is to be found in the suffering of others, though this suffering need not be physical in nature. Roykyn’s theologians divide suffering into three main types: that of the mind, that of the body, and that of the spirit.

The malevolent pranks played by Roykyn’s clerics upon their unsuspecting victims are limitless, including slanderous letters, embarrassing rumors, and betrayals of both friends and lovers. They bring the exalted low and force the lowly to fester in their misery. Bringing such suffering to the world is also their primary motivation in adventuring. Their favored weapon is a spiked gauntlet with poisoned barbs.

Though once a cleric of Urdlen, she decided she was insufficiently rewarded for her services to that deity and defected to Erythnul instead, turning her former temple over to a cabal of illithids as an insult and “prank” at her former god’s expense.


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