Sennerae, The Capitol of the Itar

Sennerae, The Capitol of the Itar

The most ingenious and prescient of the Flan tribes, the Itari dwelled in the easternmost reaches of the region. Even before the newcomers’ arrival, under the auspices of their patron – Vathris — in his original role as god of Progress and Ingenuity – the Itari had begun to found permanent settlements, carving crude hillside dwellings deep into the flanks of the Abbor-Alz. They learnt the secrets of civilization, founding a nation almost as mighty as their western neighbors in Sulm. To rival Utaa, they built their capital, mighty Sennerae, upon towering cliffs overlooking the Gearnat. The city was a haven for artifice and experimentation. A legion of inventers, craftsmen, and artificers toiled within her dusty walls for the glory of their god who walked among them sharing his wisdom.

Itar was the last of Sulm’s rivals to fall before her iron-shod legions, after a bitter, decades long war. Crushed upon the Plains of Spears, Itar’s hopes of victory died upon the black, wickedly barbed longspear that extinguished Vathris’ divine spark. In revenge for Itar’s tenacious defense, Sulm’s wicked sorcerer-king ordered the destruction of Sennerae, which was cast into the Gearnat by a mighty earthquake that shattered the surrounding cliffs.

Sunk into the Gernat Sea by the forces of the evil nation of Sulm, Sennerae was a marvel of technological advancement. The Itar were firmly on the side of light against the expansion and destruction of the Wizard King of Sulm.

They became the preservers of Flan knowledge and, were it not for the gifts of the evil Caerdiralor tribe, they could have triumphed against the Sulm.

Legend says that in fable Sennerae, now in the caverns below sea level, resides all the knowledge of what was good about the old Flan. To reach it one must travel from the capitol of the Slum, Utaa, to the location of Sennerae along a path of trials set by the gods. If this task is accomplished the city of Sennerae will be opened to the heroes and they must face the final trial within.

Some believe that Itar was not as pure and the legends say…that only in comparison to the vile Sulm and Ur Flan, were they representatives of the light. If that is true then Fabled Sennerae could be a greater trap than reward.

Sennerae, The Capitol of the Itar

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