Sunshine Apothecary

Sunshine Apothecary

Sunshine Apothecary is located in Clerksburg, near Greyhawk University, business hours 9am-6pm everyday, closed on Godsday, holidays, and major holidays of the Church of Pelor. The business logo is a sun with tender eyes and a sweet smile. After being discovered by Carmilla Sevestrian, the shop is now part of the Sevestrian “Family” of shops and supplies the merchants with exports. While the shop brews potions and provides a wide range of herb and spice supply, its primary cash flow comes from three non-magical product lines.

Eve of Milady – a cosmetics line boasting a variety of cream and powder cosmetics. The line is so popular that the shop contracts to another supplier to provide bulk mineral powders to keep up with demand. This line is highly favored in Hollowfaust, especially among the Sowers of Fear.

Hathor’s Honey – a line of honey-based soaps, shampoos, and lotions. The honey-almond based part of this line is very popular in Zief, while the honey-oatmeal based part of the line is popular in the Flan Empire.

Sunshine Remedies – a line of salves, syrups, vitamins, and tinctures. This line focuses on providing everyday remedies to everyday problems: cold and flu symptoms, regular skin problems, allergy and pain relief, and over all wellness.

Sunshine Apothecary employs three master herbalists, one alchemist, eight apprentices, and one intern from Greyhawk University (working for college credit). While apprentices work on the established formularies, they are encouraged to experiment on occasion. Successful experiments are licensed for production by the shop until the apprentice leaves, at which point, the product becomes their sole property.


Karen Alabastor (master herbalist) – Karen comes from a long family line of herbalists, but her utter lack of understanding business caused her to lose a decades old family business very quickly. Shamed, she took whatever jobs she could, failing miserably at all of them, until she saw the sign for help in Sunshine’s window. She is very grateful to Kylie, not just for giving her a job, but renewing her faith in herself as an herbalist.

Michael Clearwater (master herbalist) – Michael is a member of the extended Sevestrian family, but is not a ‘plant’ in the shop. He came into Kylie’s employee as an apprentice just after the shop opened and stayed on because he enjoys working there. Like all Sevestrian’s, Michael has a keen eye for the personal and knows that Kylie is hiding from something, though he isn’t curious enough to find out what.

Lawrence Post (master herbalist) –

Jillina BlueFlower (master alchemist) -

Apprentices – Kyle Buttersmith, Christine Appletree, Mark Smith, Fira Black-Lake, Kestral Timmers, Corina Honey-Face, Jarod Masterson, Phillipa Tressa.

Intern – Evan Frank

The “Night Staff”

Garret Sevestrian is the Sevetrain “Family” of shops accountant. He stops by the shop at 6pm sharp every day the shop is open to do the day’s accounting. He is very happy with Kylie as she was very willing to change her accounting methods to suit him without a fight. Unlike other businesses he must attend to, Sunshine’s accounts are settled within 30 minutes and involve a snack.

Zanmorn, Wileak, and Eillyassa Timuros are the ghosts who live on the second floor of the shop. All three are from different time periods of Greyhawk City’s history and they are fiercely attached to their home. When the last of the Timuros family left the homestead, the three were devastated and went out of their way to scare off anyone who would dare enter their home. One quick imprisonment in gemstone by Kylie and they decided that the nice necromancer could stay.

Though they will not admit it and will act as if they are put upon, they love having so much activity going on in the house again with the shop on the first floor. They have come to think of Kylie as an adopted Timuros, though they do think it strange that she finds them ‘comforting.’ Attempts by Kylie to explain her home, is met with confusion that such a place as a City of Necromancers could ever exist.

All three keep an eye on the shop at night and scare off the rare intruder. For the late night, emergency requests from the shop, the ghosts use a glyph that casts Feign Life on them to interact with patrons before waking Kylie. The glyph is at the top of the stairs on the inside of the door jamb, so no one going in or out of the room would see it. All three ghosts spend daylight hours resting in gemstones hidden in the rafters of the roof, but are able to come and go from them as they please.

Magical Products and Services

Acne Removers
Allergy Preventatives
Blood Builders (for anemia)
Blood Purifiers (for cholesterol and parasites)
Burn Healing Salves
Cough Suppressors
Diarrhea Curatives
Ear Infection Curatives
Fever Reducers
Heartburn and Gas Curatives
Nasal Infection Curatives
Nutrition Supplements
Poison (bee stings, snake bites, poison oak/ivy) Cures
Sunburn Creams
Sunscreen Lotions
Throat Infection Curatives
Wound and Scar Healing Salves

Sunshine Apothecary

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