The Alternate Timeline

The Alternate Timeline

The timeline that was originally prime where Vecna became the supreme god of the multiverse. This timeline resulted after the death of Dalt and the inital failure of the Heroes of the Key.


The Archlich Vecna, imprisoned in Ravenloft influenced his cult to ambush the god Dalt and cause his teleportation to the demiplane of dread. Once there and in the domain of Vecna, the archlich used Dalts own weapon to kill him. The weapon, the dagger Lockpick, was capable of bypassing all magical protections. In the resulting explosion the body of Dalt shattered and fell to Oerth. The barriers of his prison weakened, Vecna escaped back to the prime material plane.

A group of heroes, chosen by their gods, sought to put the body of Dalt together again. During the quest the mistakes of one member led to the essence of the Mad God Tharizdun being absorbed into a tree that was growing on Oerth. When they tried to dispose of the tree the archlich absorbed the essence of the Mad god, becoming more powerful than any god on Oerth. He then used an ancient artifact called the Spear of Endless night to kill the god Pelor. In the chaos he then killed many other gods, becoming the ultimate god in that reality.

The remaining gods: Boccob, Corellon Latherian, Beory and Labelas Enoreth sent the Heroes of the Key back in time to when Vecna was a lich in control of his empire so they could destroy him before he reached godhood.

The archlich still won and killed the entire party with the exception of Jenna Everdawn. At the time of their defeat Jenna was shapeshifted in the form of an elf using the mask of Joydee. The archlich shattered the mask, trapping her in the form of an elf. But she was saved by Corellon and taken to Arvendor. She spent thousands of years insane and recovering from her wounds. But eventually she left Arvendor and went to find herself as a child. She raised herself, giving the other her all the skills needed to defeat the archlich and change the timeline. Knowing success would wipe her out of existence, she still helped to change the timeline so the tree with the essence of the mad god was saved from Vecna.

This made the current timeline prime. Although the Vecna who was supreme god still sent agents to restore his timeline as it decayed, the heroes maintained the integrity of the new timeline.

Dalt, in appreciation for her role in restoring him, talked to the other gods who allowed the alternate Jenna to exist even when her timeline faded away into nothingness.

The Alternate Timeline

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