The Caverns of Suel Memory

The Caverns of Suel Memory in the Frost Lands

It contains the best and the worst of what the Suel people were and are. It holds the secrets to the redemption of their greatest evils, the condemnation of their greatest goods and an idealized or horrific future.

The Caverns of Suel Memory…the fight eternal for the soul of a people. Within the caverns lie the story of the Suel people from their ancient days to their far future. A place of riddles and illusions and the agendas of Suel gods…the Caverns of Memory were created by agreement of the Suel gods and placed in the lands of the Frost Barbarians.

The true purpose is unknown, but any of Suel blood who has gone it has come out changed deep within their soul.

The Caverns of Suel Memory

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