The Last Letter of Captain Theodore Stalwarth

The Last Letter of Captain Theodore Stalwarth

I found out too late that our master, Everan Von Slythe, was insane and an infernalist. In the arrogance that I would know before others I rejected the evidence of commander. And here, as I bleed my last I write my contrition and confession of failure.

I do not know the details of his efforts, I am a simple man, but I will endeavor to explain what I know of what Everan did. For three years as we manned this barracks he entertained various members of his family. Some stayed in the barracks and some in the small manor slightly up the road. The Von Slythes paid for the construction of this barrack, and apparently there is a secret door in my former master’s office that leads to a hidden level. It is here that he led his family in unholy experiments.

They used Flan prisoners over the years and experimented on them. It seems Everan was attempting to transform his family into something. He wanted to put infernal magic into their very blood and pass it on like an dark disease. He ranted much against me during our battle. The test subjects, as he called the poor Flan…may Pelor have mercy on me, had early failures. They became monsters. He shipped these off for evaluation by outside family or killed them.

Eventually he believed he had succeeded and called his family here last week. On their secret level they all went through a change during a dark ritual. They now had magic in their blood. Apparently some in his line will go insane over time. Some would be resistant and only change a little but possess magical power. But he had indeed succeeded and his family would now possess a dark magic in their very blood.

This is a magic that would grow through the ages. A magic that will make it possible that, through the right research and rituals, they could bring their dark masters dominance upon the world somehow. More is likely hidden below in the vile book he used from his masters and his hidden research notes that might be in the manor. But I am dying and will not be able to leave this spot.

I have already sent the sword back to my family for my son…may Hieroneous be praised for guiding me to that choice. When my wife came with the Von Slythe she protected she took it home since he is now about to enter into service. So it was with a sword and spear from the armory I killed my master to prevent him from his unholy quest. And the stone I carry, meant for my son as well but now never to be held by him, has sealed the lower level of this place until a time when those called will come, get the key, and take the vile book to safety.

- In the Deepest Regret for my Failure and Pride,
Captain Theodore Stalwarth
May my blindness not have doomed this world

The Last Letter of Captain Theodore Stalwarth

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