The Lich Alessendra

The Lich Alessendra

The Story of the Lich Alessendra

Alessendra was a cleric of the Elven God of time and daughter of Valdred (the ancient elf and one of the Heroes of the Key who was shirking godhood). Her husband, Salarshel, was the leader of the armies of the City of Summer Stars. They had twin children, a rarity for elves. The two girls, Alesselrel and Ivencenice,were devoted to the elven Gods to the delight of their parents.

Alessendra in particularly favored Alesselrel. When a disease hit the city during the war with Vecna Alesselrel died. Often when elves die they chose to not return if raised because they love being with the Gods in Arvendor. The Gods respect the wishes of each elf in this matter. The child chose to remain in Arvendor, driving her mother to madness.

She rejected the elven Gods and bargained with Vecna for the power to become a Lich. In exchange for information leading to the downfall of the city of Summer Stars he gave her the spell. She killed the remaining child as part of the ritual and became a lich.

Or at least that is what was believed. Her husband actually allowed himself to be sacrificed, making him the first Elven Vampire. The child, Ivencenice, was the living Phylactery trapped in temporal stasis.

Salarshel guarded the child and served his wife for thousands of years. His faithful second in command, Drashel, became the first Elven Death Knight. Drashel, exists because he swore an oath to his master to protect the children, and views that he failed even though the making of the phylactery was at his masters bidding.

He still served the couple but his true desire was to fulfill his oath by freeing the child from her prison and destroying the Lich. He knew this would cause his former master to turn on him and he hopes if it is ever accomplished that he will then find a way to save him too. But by his nature he needs others to do this thing. He served them to protect the phylactery and promised himself he would kill anyone who tried to harm it unless they can save the child.

The Heroes of the key defeated Alessendra and her husband and freed the child. Alessendra is destroyed but Salarshel still exists filled with rage and vengeance. Drashel exists as a hallowed, a special good undead who tutors the now awakened Ivencenice. The child worshiped Loth when she was still Araushnee and it was her devotion when she awoke that began to influence Lolth and led to the Spider Goddess turning on Vecna at a critical moment at Tovag Baragu. Ivancenice’s love of Araushnee keeps the goddess in stasis and, hopefully, leads her back to her true identity.

The Lich Alessendra

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