The Red Book of The Von Slythe Family

The Red Book of The Von Slythe Family

The ancient book of the Von Slythe family. Lesser copies existed but the original book was found in an unearthed barracks and is now in the possession of the Church of Rao in Veluna in the Cathedral vault maintained by the Canon of Rao.

The name red book has nothing to do with the color of the book, but the large number of blood rituals as well as the prophecies of the red sign or red mask.

It contains the purest forms of the Von Slythe Family rituals and the plans and prophecies of their family. Balthazar Von Slythe will stop at nothing to get it back. He believes it and it alone contains the secret to fixing the devastation the meddling Stalwarths caused. And it does contain the following passages in infernal that are in no other copy:

‘rar dra rroyk yv jazyrk ryrkdord kko’ryrk vommk kymard vyn o caod
Ryr Kmidra Cmyyj ‘ymm kdynz dra rommk yv raorar
Ryr Kmidra cmyyj, rard’nyak k’nyvyaj vyn dra ‘rrymi r’akd
‘ymm kora dra ’oi vyn dra jong mynj dy nyka.
Yd yk Ryr Kmidra rorjk drod ’ymm daon jy’r dra kodak yv raorar.
Yd yk Ryr Kmidra rorjk drod ‘ymm cnaog dra rargk yv kyjk.
Yd yk Ryr Kmidra rorjk drod ’ymm nazoga dra ’ynmj yr dra yzoka yv Okzyja’k ok ra nazogak ’k yr ryk.

Orj yv rycma rorjk orj rykymord raondk drny’r jy’r y’n rokdma orj cnaog y’n cmyyj,
Dra orryard vodran orj zydran kromm onyka orj cnyrk dra cyyg drod omm ydrank ryza vnyz.
Dra orryard vodran, d’nraj ‘rjaoj ci ry zor c’d ci dra cmyyj yv dra jong mynj yzcycaj.
Ra kromm vyrj dra mykd ’ramkk. Ra kromm kornyvyra ryzkamv dy dra naj zokg…orj omm ’ymm ca naryrrymaj.

Jy ryd dn’kd dra Zor yv Vaon, dra rrymj yv dra Rny’. Ra ‘ymm ca dra ’rjyyrk yv dra ’ynmj. Ra jyak ryd gry’ ra yk o zor jyryjaj yr dyza. Ra jyak ryd gry’ dra rymj yv dra jo’r rok dy’rraj ryk raond.

When the chaos of demons constant spawning falls silent for a beat
Von Slythe Blood will storm the halls of heaven
Von Slythe blood, centuries purified for the unholy quest
Will pave the way for the dark lord to rise.
It is Von Slythe hands that will tear down the gates of heaven.
It is Von Slythe hands that will break the necks of gods.
It is Von Slythe hands that will remake the world in the image of Asmodeus as he remakes us in his.

And if noble hands and vigilant hearts thrown down our castle and break our blood,
The ancient father and mother shall arise and bring the book that all others come from.
The ancient father, turned undead by no man but by the blood of the dark lord imbibed.
He shall find the lost whelps. He shall sacrifice himself to the red maskā€¦and all will be reconciled.

Do not trust the Man of Fear, the child of the Crow. He will be the undoing of the world. He does not know he is a man divided in time. He does not know the cold of the dawn has touched his heart.

The Red Book of The Von Slythe Family

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