The Spy Network of Geoff

The Spy Network of Geoff

Although a peaceful nation Geoff and her dependent states have the most evolved spy network in all of the Flaness. Headed by Princess Jenna Everdawn, Spymaster of Geoff, the country’s spies are efficient and well informed. Some of the main lines of communications are:

Jasper Tollings
Jasper is the Bartender and Innkeeper of the Bright Road Tavern in Geoff in the capitol city of Gorna. He knows almost everything that happens in the area. Travelers as well as locals from all over Geoff come to the Bright Road. In addition he has controlling interest in taverns in nearly every city and village in the country. A member of an old family, Jasper is loyal beyond measure to the King and royal family and puts his information network at the disposal of the Spy network for the King.

Amedio Meats
Elseworth Gremmin (Hunter 7/Expert 6)
Serves exoitc Jungle meats. Elseworth is an avid opponent of anything that involves the Scarlet Brotherhood and uses his importers to inform the Spy network of Geoff.

Mystical Walk
Brattigan Osrik (Cleric of Fharlanghan 20)
All Magical and mundane needs for the traveler are sold here. Blessings are also given by the gregarious outgoing cleric who runs the place. Also a vital link in the spy chain of Geoff. Brattigan knows just about everyone in the Flaness or at least knows of them.

Old Flan Pastries
Melissa Morninglight (Expert 20)
A family with roots all the way back to the founding of Geoff, the Morninglight clan has been Bakers, Druids, Knights, Wizards and Clerics. In that order of importance. Melissa (33) is the best baker in Geoff and many would say Oerth. Her family (Husband and 12 children) all excel at their craft. Everything here is a bargain because it is priceless. She is also a vital link in the spychain since her goods go all over Oerth, as do her culinary agents who both bake for the high and mighty as well as scour the world for ingredients. She is loyal beyond question to princess Jenna Everdawn, Spymaster of Geoff.

Prince Kareem Al’ Razi

Husband of Princess Jenna Everdawn, he has the combination of being polite to a fault but sarcastic and able to swear at someone and leave them wondering if they should thank him. His skills at diplomacy and etiquette are legendary in his family.

He is one of the princes of Zeif and simply lives to see interesting things. Loyal to his wife, he puts the information network of Zeif at her disposal. He is trained as a merchant and rogue and is an expert tailor.

The Spy Network of Geoff

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