The Temple of Shame in the dry stepps

The Temple of Shame:

The Ancient Temple to Dorga Torgu in the dry stepps

Where a god fell. Where the Rain of Colorless Fire was decided. Where the anger of the just became evil and destroyed innocent lives.

Even with Dorga Torgu redeemed for his part in helping in the Archlich war…this is the temple of rage, the home of the fallen…the same of all Baklune.

It was here, the cultural center of all the Baklunish that the god Dorga Torgu stood amid his slaughtered worshipers after the invoked devastation. Here where his cries of rage called to the survivors. Here where he told them the secrets to opening a gate to the positive energy plane and bringing death to the Suel…guilty and innocent alike. Where he sent the mages to Tovag Baragu to call death to the Suel Empire.

Here the god pact of Oerth was violated. And it was here the judgment against him by his fellow gods was carried out. Dorga Torgu had his godhood removed until he could redeem himself. And although that redemption has now come to pass, the temple is lost and shrouded in horror.

Devils lurk in the dunes where it lies…leftover from the ancient destruction of the Baklunish. Strange energies imbue the site from the gathering of vengeful and sorrowful gods. Treasures ancient, wonderful and horrible rest beneath the sands. And things once kept locked away, Elemental monstrosities, have been forgotten for centuries and the prisons have weakened and the locks decayed.

The Temple of Shame in the dry stepps

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